ARGO is a space theme inspired chocolate candy targeted for children the age 5 to 13. Kids can learn about the name, size, and distance of each planet of the solar system with this space themed chocolate. The coin shape chocolate which is covered by planet textured candy foil has 8 different flavors and size. The fun fact about the planet inside of the candy foil and free giveaway stickers also brings fun to kids. I came up with the idea because when I was little, I struggled with memorizing the names, size and order of the planet of the solar system.


The theme of the design is, “Rocket Ship ARGO explores the Solar System”. The name ARGO was inspired by the ship name Argo from the Greek Mythology. The design of the logo is the word ARGO written with a slight upward slant to express the speed of rocket, with a circle inside the letter “A” to represent the shape of the coin chocolate and planet. The rocket ship circles around the logo and passes through the letter “O”. The logo and the rocket is placed in the center to express the large space of the universe and to make it look pop up. On the back of the packaging, I put the "mission," instruction how to play with the chocolate and the order of the planets with colorful illustration. The illustrations for the stickers and rocket on the front label have a shiny, 3D texture look.
Concept / Name / Packaging / Photo  

Spring 2022 / 4 weeks

Universe / Fun

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