KO x KIN ホテルはアップサイクルをコンセプトにしたホテルです。ホテルの家具やグッズはすべてアップサイクル、リサイクル、リユースされたものでできています。メインターゲットは25歳から40歳、ホテルの価格帯はミドル、場所は東京です。旅行をするのにも気軽に地球にやさしい選択をとれるように、また物を長く大切に使うきっかけになるように、KO x KIN ホテルを制作しました。古いものと、新しいものや現代の使い方 を掛け合わせるという意味で「こきん」と名付けました。「ホテルのブランディング」が元の課題です。

The concept of KO x KIN hotel is Upcycle. Funiture and hotel goods are all upcycled, recycled or reused. The main target is estimate of 25 to 40 years old. The price range is in the middle, and the hotel is located in Tokyo. I made this hotel to recommend an eco-friendly hotel, and to offer the opportunity to use the product for a long period of time. The name KO x KIN was inspired by the word "past" and "present" in Japanese. KO means the past and KIN means present time, and these words are mixed to combine.  


The design theme is modern, minimalistic, and Art Nouveau because the concept is mixing old and new style, and match with the city scape of Tokyo. I chose Art Nouveau which uses plants as motives since it matches with the concept of the hotel. To elaborate, when a plant dies, they're reborn through the seeds they left behind and are grown to new plants. I used Chypre which has nice curvy line that reminds me of ivy. I modified the leg of K to make it looks like the ivy is growing.  Also, by drawing the line in the logo in order to modify the mono-linier line on allowing the logo to stay modern. To express modern, I chose sanserif and flash left typography, and created margins.  I created the pattern inspired by lily of the valley and used grayish green to feature the essence of Art Nouveau. 
Branding / Name / Website / Photo

Fall 2020 / Logo and Packaging / 4 weeks

Art Nouveau / Modern / Minimalistic

Chypre / Bahnschrift / Arpona / BIZ UD ゴシック